No. No. No. Absolutely not. 

As an editor wrote in their toy camera review, kids quickly lost interest in taking pictures because most toy cameras "delivered very poor photo and video quality", and "loaded with video games, they turned out to be the main draw for our kid testers."

Kids nowadays tend to spend too much time playing video games and watching TV. The idea behind our product is to get your kids to go outdoors and explore. The cameras are not meant to be another new gaming device.

Our cameras have fun filters, frames, stickers, and more to enrich their photo-shooting experience. We send out cool and fun activities ideas to our customers once in a while. Here is an example you can ask your kid to try this weekend:

Go outside and use sticks, rocks, grass, flowers, and anything else you can find to make the letters of the alphabet. For example,  you could make a letter A out of two large branches and a tall blade of grass. Once you have completed each letter, take a photo of it. You can then make your own set of alphabet flashcards, which could be used for a ton of fun activities like spelling games, alphabet recognition activities, name spelling, etc. Challenge yourself even further by also making the lower case letters.