The number of pixels displayed on our website is only intended to serve as a guide for customers to understand which camera model offers higher quality images/videos. For example, we can confidently tell you that our 48MP camera model will take better pictures than the 32MP camera since it will be equipped with a more advanced camera system. The photo resolution you get will be 48MP from our 48MP camera. However, this is achieved by a technique called image interpolation. That's why we added notes such as interpolated or by interpolation on the camera spec page.

So what is interpolation? The word "interpolation" is a technical term, so we will try to explain it in the most straightforward way here. Interpolation is a process where the number of pixels of an image is increased in volume. It’s commonly used in digital photography to make large-scale prints. To break it down in the simplest terms, interpolation basically means upscaling the image from what it originally is. Interpolation happened in your photo; the camera added in pixels to fill in the missing areas so that the photo you took will still have some detail and not be a blurry mess when zoomed in.

Almost all toy cameras and even some professional cameras use the interpolation technique. As far as we know, we are one of the few (if not the only) toy camera manufacturers that actually point out that the photos are interpolated.

We do NOT want to leave an impression to our customers that the photo quality will be as good as high-end modern cellphones or professional cameras. However, we can confidently say, the camera's photo quality is BETTER than any other toy camera available. Based on the feedback from our customers, little kids are indeed pretty happy about their photos.

The CMOS sensors we use on our existing models (as of Jan 2022) range from 2MP to 5MP, supplied by well-known image sensor manufacturers (Omnivision, for example). Most toy cameras use sensors that are in the range of 0.3MP-1MP. We are continuously developing new models with more advanced camera systems. 

The real 48MP camera sensors alone may cost hundreds of dollars, not even to mention the cost of the complete hardware and software system that is able to work seamlessly with that sensor. Despite knowing this well, a lot of professional photographers are our loyal customers and recommend our products to their friends and families. Our cameras do a great job as the first camera for many kids. 

Here are some real pictures from our cameras. No other toy cameras can take such quality pictures - most of them not even close.