The short answer is YES. We offer the best toy cameras on this planet as of the year 2023. 

You may transfer photos/videos to your computer with the USB cord included. 

Photo and video quality of Kidamento camera are undoubtedly at the top of the class among all kid's cameras. We also continuously improve our products based on customer feedback.

Please be reminded that our cameras are toys designed for kids - we have no intent to make you have an impression that they could take high-quality pictures that are similar to professional cameras or high-end cell phone cameras. If a kid-friendly good quality first camera is what you are looking for for your kids, look no further. 

Recently, the editors at tested many known toy digital cameras available on the market, and rated Kidamento camera "Best Overall" among all "The Best Digital Cameras for Kids in 2023". Here is the link to the original review

Here are some REAL pictures from our Model C and Model K cameras. They will certainly meet the expectation of your little shutterbugs.