It's perfect for children of 5-11 years old. Here are some highlights of this model.

  • Ink-free instant print camera that uses affordable printing paper and thermal printing technology. At 5 cents per image, it costs less than 5% of traditional instant print films. The printing quality of this camera is better than any similar products (including VTech PrintCam).
  • It is also a digital camera that can take digital photos and videos that last forever. 
  • A large sticker sheet that kids can use to decorate their camera. The Scavenger Hunt Photobook is a great kick-off for the adventure.
  • The 2.4" IPS screen has true color, great contrast and a wide view-angle compared to common LCD screens, and reduces eye fatigue for children.
  • Soft neck strap that children wear comfortably.
  • Cute filters and frames are available for the camera.
  • No distracting video games.
  • Ready to use out of the box. A 32GB memory card is inside the packaging.

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