Please note that Model P has a different App from Model K. It is geared towards this instant print model.

In addition to shoot-and-print, or printing from camera album, now you can also:

  1. Have funny pictures saved on the tablet? Print ANY picture from your phone/tablet album. You may even add filters and do some basic editing;
  2. Take a picture from your phone/tablet and instantly print it out from the camera; Filters and editing are also available;
  3. Enjoy painting? Choose from over 50 frames in the App, type in any message and print;
  4. Love coloring pictures? Print out over 50 cute stickers and enjoy colouring them the way your kids love to;
  5. Create a banner with a funny/loving/thankful/apologizing message? Type in any message and print it out as a 2" wide banner;
  6. Want to be creative? Make your own drawing on the phone/tablet and print it out from the camera instantly;
  7. many more exciting features.

Can't wait to try it out? If you have iPhone, visit app store and search "DiDiCam". For Android users, please download it from this link

How to connect the camera to your phone/tablet? Here are the simple steps. 

  • Download the App "DiDi Cam" to your phone. If you use Android, please tap this link to download the app.
  • Turn on camera - go to Settings - Scroll down to "WiFi Connection" - press the shutter button to confirm - the screen will show a WiFi SSID and password.
  • Back to your phone - go to WiFi settings - connect to the WiFi hotspot having the same SSID as the one on the camera, type in the password. The phone might remind you that this WiFi hotspot has no internet access. Ignore the message - don't switch back to your home WiFi or you will lose connection. 
  • When your phone is successfully connected to the camera WiFi, open the App on your phone. Within a few seconds the top right corner of the app should show "connected" status.
  • Good to go! 

We've attached some of the App screenshots below. The last few pictures are also instructions to change the language setting if your App is not in English upon installation (a known issue for some iOS users).