BibiCam/BibiCamGo is a 100% local app that does NOT connect to the internet. Neither does it collect data nor transmits data to any third party. The media downloaded to your phone from the camera are saved in your local phone storage and will not be shared with Kidamento, the app developer team or any third party.
The camera does not connect to the internet either. It is a completely local wireless connection between the phone and the camera via the app.


  1. Connect your camera to your phone/tablet wirelessly.
  2. View the photos and videos saved on your camera.
  3. Download photos and videos to local phone/tablet storage.
  4. Save photos in your phone/tablet album.
  5. Share photos with friends and families.


If you have an Apple device, search "BibiCam" in your App Store.

For Android devices, tap this link to install the app.

Alternatively, scan the 2D code below:


Before you start, fully charge your camera. The default app language depends on your region. For customers in Canada and United States, the default language is English. For other regions, the languages may vary.

  1. Turn on your camera, go to WiFi screen.
  2. Open Bibi Cam. Click the button "To Connect".

  3. Go to WiFi settings. The camera hotspot should be listed under your networks. Click to connect. If it's not listed, turn off and on your WiFi to force a refresh.

  4. It may display "no internet connection", or "weak security". This is normal. The camera does not connect to the internet - it's a local connection with your phone.

  5. Click the top left "Bibi Cam" on your screen to go back to the Bibi Cam App (your device may vary).
  6. The App will automatically load the photos saved in the camera. You may also click the refresh icon on the top left corner to force a refresh.

  7. The photos should display under the "Camera Photo" tab. The photos shown have not been fully downloaded - they are thumbnails.

  8. You may click each photo to view them or select multiple and download them.
    • Download photo individually.
      Click one photo, and then press "view the original image" and then you will see a number, once it reaches 100%, it is downloaded to your phone. Note that this only saves the photo in the App locally, to further save it in your phone album, please read the following steps.

    • Download multiple photos altogether.
      Press and hold one of the photos. Choose the photos you'd like to download, then press the download icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the progress number reaches 100% the download of that photo is complete. The file name will also turn grom grey to green once downloaded.

  9. Save photos to your phone album. Hit the second tab "Downloaded". These are the photos that you've downloaded to the App local folder.

  10. Tap the photo and click "Save album" to save the photo in your phone album. You may also rotate your phone to view the full picture horizontally.

    Tap the icon on the top right to share the photo with family, friends, on social media, and more!
  11. Save videos to your phone album. Due to video restrictions on iPhone, you can save the video in the App local folder, but you may not be able to save them in your phone album. For most Android users, there is no restriction to save videos.

Any further questions? 

Please do not hesitate to contact Send us your phone model, operating system software version, and ideally, record your screen to help us better understand the problem. We will be happy to help.